Kevin Le Guillou

Koosmik Embedded Payment

All-in-one payment solution, allowing pros to accept payment cards through Koosmik.

The goal was to create a simple tool that would be easy to deploy on a third-party website and that would off-load all the payment logic from the pro to Koosmik.

My role was to design the payment widget, keeping in mind two constraints : convey the Koosmik brand and blend well with any website that would use it.

The UI was trimmed down several times to simplify the process and reduce the first step friction, the client registration.

This project has been implemented with success on ONOMO Hotels. In this example, the client is paying for his hotel room with minimal steps, while still enabling Two-Factor Authentication.

A lot of work went into the improvement of small interactions : the forms are blazing fast by combining Angular views, client-side checking and quick API calls to validate every step. An existing Koosmik user can pay a merchant in 3 steps while still using Two-Factor Authentication, in less than a minute.

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